ARCH arranges cataract surgery free of charge for cataract patients who meet our patient eligibility criteria. Waiting times depend on the availability of our volunteer specialist ophthalmologists around the country but are usually between 1-2 months.

To refer a patient please provide:

  1. Proof of patient having been declined DHB-funded cataract surgery within the previous 6-months (or proof the patient does not meet the local DHB’s threshold for cataract surgery). NB: The patient should have a compelling need for cataract surgery (e.g. soon to lose drivers licence, etc.)
  2. Full eye report from optometrist or ophthalmologist
  3. Patient referral form and patient declaration form
  4. A completed ophthalmology questionnaire

See full details of patient criteria here

Send completed documentation to .
Any queries call 029 9693549.