From Auckland to Aotearoa

Since its inception 10 years ago, the Auckland Regional Charity Hospital (ARCH) has grown from a regional charitable surgical service to one providing services across a wider geographical area. This has prompted ARCH directors to change the name of the charity to Aotearoa Charity Hospital to better represent the scope of our work.

“The reference to Auckland can be confusing for patients and medical professionals who may not realise we also assist patients outside the Auckland area. The name change removes that (perceived) barrier.

For quite some time we’ve been facilitating treatment of New Zealander’s in need, be they from the North or South Island, so the change just makes sense,” said ARCH founder and director Dr Luigi Sussman.

However, the majority of operations facilitated by ARCH are completed in Auckland at established, accredited private facilities, which allow us to use them at cost. Therefore, any potential patient will most likely need to travel to Auckland for treatment.

The name change takes effect from 23 November 2020.