Reflections from ARCH Director Denise Bailey

Denise Bailey Improving the life and well-being of people through ARCH is very meaningful for me. Like most of us, I get a real buzz out of helping people.

While my profession as a ‘communicator’ allows me to engage with a cross-section of people through various communication channels and strategies (something I thoroughly enjoy) there’s very little opportunity to help people from a medical perspective. ARCH fulfills that need for me.

The impact of what we do touches many people. While our patients’ lives improve following their treatment, the care we provide also flows through to those they are closely connected to – their children, partners, friends and others. No-one likes to see someone they care about suffer.

I’m inspired by my ARCH colleagues and our network of partners who so willingly offer their expertise to assist those needing our help.

I’m humbled to be a small cog in our ‘wheel of care’.