ARCH dental grants hit the sweet spot

Earlier this year, ARCH joined forces with the NZDA to provide grants to selected dental practices across New Zealand. The grants were provided to treat low/no-income patients with dentists giving their time free of charge.

We’re delighted about the positive impact the grants are having. In Cannons Creek, Wellington 20 Māori and Pacific Island patients recently received free treatment.

In one patient’s words: “This has changed everything about my life, even my boss has noticed I am a different person now”. Olwyn had her front teeth restored and central incisor saved with root canal treatment.

Restoration work was the most used service. Many patients believed they would have to wait until the tooth was infected and then extracted.

ARCH is grateful to the participating dentists who, through the grants, have been able to provide more comprehensive treatment for patients. This is raising the self-esteem, pride and functionality of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.