Helping hand for dental treatment

The directors of Aotearoa Charity Hospital (ARCH) are pleased to announce the introduction of a dental grants programme to provide free dental treatment for selected low-income patients.

The programme, in partnership with the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) will enable the provision of dental treatment to adults with a community services card.

Aligning with ARCH’s philosophy, treatment will be offered by dentists on a voluntary basis with funds from the grants used to cover the cost of expenses.

Applicants will be selected by the NZDA/ARCH Grants Panel in May 2022. They will be NZDA members who have shown dedication and integrity in past charitable work.

Grant recipients (dental professionals) will be chosen based on whether the applicant(s):

  • localised/target population is in high need of the treatment
  • has a history of dedication and integrity in charitable work
  • will use the funds in a cost-effective manner
  • agree to provide any treatment under the programme free of charge

ARCH director Denise Bailey said ARCH had been exploring ways it could expand the services the hospital offers to include dental care to those in need.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the NZDA and its members to make life more comfortable for patients treated under our grants programme”.