I would like to offer my deepest gratitude for my recent surgery. For quite some time I have been really struggling with cataract affected vision, and until this week I had not realised just how much it has been affecting my daily life.

As a member of the Huia Volunteer Fire Brigade (Station Officer and Medical First Responder) I regularly attend incidents (mostly at night) and have been shying away from flashing and bright lights and avoiding tasks such as filling out medical handover forms. Since the operation I have attended multiple incidents and have been delighted with the detail and colour the new lens provides.

In Fire and Emergency New Zealand we put a very high emphasis on safety and well being, and quite frankly, I am now alarmed at the extent to which my cataracts have been impairing my vision, and wonder how I could possibly have been legal to drive! I regularly spend 4-5 hours a day driving and I now feel significantly more aware of road conditions and simple endeavours such as reading road signs.

My personal financial position made it necessary for me to pursue cataract surgery through the public health system, and when I was turned down I was devastated. ARCH was recommended to me and my and subsequent acceptance and fully funded surgery by Dr Mo and ReVision was a mighty gift! The professionalism shown by Dr Mo and the staff at ReVision has been fantastic! At no time have I felt like a ‘charity case” or second class patient. I have been well cared for and fully informed at every step of the process.

To those at ARCH – thanks so much for your acceptance and for providing what I can unfortunately only deem to be a necessary public service.To Dr Mo and your lovely team at ReVision, thank you for your philanthropic service, total professionalism and not least the vision in my right eye! I look forward to “seeing” you in a couple of weeks time!

Kind regards,
Rene Bullinga